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Neon Coffee Tables

Neon Coffee Tables by Nathan Yong

Nathan Yong is a leading industrial designer producing works for Ligne Roset,ξGrafunkt, Folks, Design Within Reach and many more. His extensive research andξdevelopment in manufacturing techniques and crafts, enhances the practical andξtechnological side of his stunning designs. Inspired by observations of the visualξenvironment, and then challenged by the object's functionality, Yong's resultsξcapture the poetry of the product through a stripping process, with each elementξinformed by a lightness of restraints.

For two consecutive years (in 2006 & 2007), Yong won the prestigious Red DotŒæConcept Design Award. Subsequently in 2008, Nathan received the prestigiousŒæSingapore Presidentäó»s Design Award: Designer of the Year, the highest honourŒæaccorded to designers from all creative disciplines in Singapore and has continuedŒæto produce award winning designs thereafter.

Dimensions mm (WxDxH)

Square 500x500x220

Octagon 600x600x350

Round Diameter 600x415h