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Meet Paul and Kris

Feliz Home is the combined passion and skill of founders Paul and Kris, whose paths serendipitously crossed after Kris commissioned Paul to style his home.

Paul is the furniture designer and interior expert at Feliz Home with a global career of over 30 years and three countries that’s taken him from England, to New Zealand and now Australia. Paul’s innate ability to interpret and understand his client’s vision is evident in his considered designs and collaborative approach to styling. With Kris mastering the operational aspect of Feliz Home, balancing efficient, personalised service with integrity and a smile.

Together, Paul, Kris and Feliz Home; full of life, fun and a passion for creating.

With a strong English heritage, both Paul and Kris acknowledge the influence of English interiors in their collection of European wallpaper, a homage to Designers Guild, Cole and Sons and House of Hackney. As a subtle nod to the motherland, you will find elements at Feliz Home reminiscent of London, from Sketch, The Wolseley, and of course Kings Road.

There is also a subtle hint of London’s east end, with the whimsical nostalgia of its art galleries, design warehouses and creative gatherings spilling out onto the street. The authentic charm and artistic essence of the east end has inspired a collaborative vision for Feliz Home, by bringing people together and celebrating artists, craftsmen and designers in one creative haven on Bay Street.