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Designer Cushions Australia

Accentuate Your Space with Luxury Designer Cushions Made in Australia

While you’re rethinking your space, choosing new colours and rearranging the furniture - give a thought to the accessories you’ll need to turn a good idea into a fabulous one. Accessories help pull a room together, to unite features and highlight the colour scheme. Inspire awe with Designer Guild cushions, made in Australia. No matter the colour - or where you wish to place these amazingly soft cushions - we have the accessories to help lift your room to the next level. Read More

Our Designers Guild range offers a wide range of colours, sizes and fabrics. Would you like to place some square cushions on your couch? Or perhaps some rectangle cushions on your deck chairs? We have the luxurious cushions you need available right here in Australia.

Cushions can often be overlooked during a redesign or decor change. But they can provide the difference between a guest who’s slightly impressed and a guest who’s completely taken aback by the luxuriousness of your design. That difference comes from the high-quality fabrics and attention to detail you get with Designer Guild cushions. Many other cushions made in Australia can look and feel a little tacky - they’re mass-produced with no thought for their destination. But Designers Guild understands that cushions are decorative and functional. During the design process, they ensure these luxury designer cushions deliver maximum effect every single time. Our Australian-Made designer cushions are the perfect accessory for any Australian-Made sofa or our gorgeous Australian-Made Beds.

Buying Your Designer Guild Cushions from Feliz Home

To give you the best possible range of cushions and soft furnishings, Feliz Home offer Designer Guild cushions so that you have every luxurious item you could need to accent your space. You can pick and choose from the colours, fabrics and patterns to complement your design - all at once. 

Luxurious Designer Cushions from Feliz Home 

After 30 years in the interior design and furniture industry, Feliz Home founder Paul McQuillan decided to concentrate on creating a brand that offers premium quality home furnishings to clients. As Feliz Home gained more popularity, Paul brought in more designers with the same values and hard-working mentality. Feliz Home values sustainable products and supports Australian artists, designers and professionals who aim to make massive changes to the interior design industry. For so long the focus has been on throw-away culture, and Feliz Home is actively working to reverse this reliance on unsustainable practices.

By buying your accessories from Feliz Home you’re helping to support eco-friendly decor that lasts. We also offer consultation services should you wish to discuss your interior design on a larger scale.
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