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Solid Timber Bedside Tables

Choosing Your Solid Timber Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are functional. They hold lights, picture frames and books. But they can also be beautiful, framing your bed and adding statement pieces to your bedroom. Timber bedside tables are popular because they’re built stronger and last longer. Not to mention the grain and patterns of the wood are unique to your pieces. There’ll never be another one exactly like yours. And, unlike the mass production method, that’s precisely what gives an item of furniture its character. Well-made and sturdy items like our solid timber bedside tables last for years - they often become family heirlooms too. Read More

Each timber bedside table at Feliz Home is expertly handcrafted to order. If you have some additional requirements for your ideal solid timber bedside table or would like to change some existing details - we can help. Every space is different, so it might be you would like your bespoke item with slightly different dimensions to fit perfectly. Just contact us with the specifics and our specialised designers will ensure you have bedside tables that’ll be a part of your home for many years to come.

Handcrafted Solid Timber Bedside Tables in Australia

It's our mission at Feliz Home to deliver quality furniture you can be proud to own. We make our exquisite furniture in Australia to prevent the need for fuel-intense imports as well supporting the amazing talents of Australia’s handcrafting community.

Our timber bedside tables have their own charms and character, and they also embody the love, care and attention they’re given to all our Australian-Made bedside table. Each item is a labour of love and will look fantastic in your home. They’re designed to fit in seamlessly with any decor. They don’t follow fads or trends. Once you choose solid timber bedside tables, you’ll notice the real difference they make to your space. We also have an incredible collection of Australian-Made beds and timber bed frames that pair perfectly with our bedside tables.

They have the energy of luxury that isn’t trying too hard. They show your taste is beyond the latest craze, and display elegance beyond words. Choosing solid timber bedside tables handcrafted in Australia supports local woodcraft specialists, and the years of training it takes to create such understated opulence.

Feliz Home - Where Art and Science Meet To Create Beautiful Furniture

Paul McQuillan is a furniture designer and expert in interior spaces. After 30 years and a global career that saw him working in London, New Zealand and Australia, he is a force to be reckoned with. His furniture designs are simplistic, and classic with modern functionality.

He handpicked every member of the Feliz Home team - selecting the best and brightest to work with him to promote the beauty of handcrafted furniture. Feliz Home is reviving the tradition of owning furniture that looks timeless and lasts for years, rather than engaging in a throwaway culture.

Your timber bedside tables may take 8-12 weeks until completion, but the wait will be worth it. During that time your items will be crafted from scratch, and they will be 100% unique to you.

And why stop there? You might also check out our other items from our online store that match perfectly with the bedside tables to create a beautifully coherent space of muted luxury. To browse our current range of solid timber bedside tables, please visit our website. We’d love to hear how we can help you design your ideal solid timber items.
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