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Lisa Saad’s Art and Chill Edit

The art and chill mood board

We asked our in house artist Lisa Saad @lisasad to select her favourite items to create the ultimate chill-out zone.

Lisa’s edit consists of her own Photography collection paired with our Australian Made Timber and Furniture range. 

Your favourite colours that inspire you?

The colours that inspire me are aquamarines, dark navy blues and deep bold reds. I love looking into deep blues and reds as I think they are mysterious and the aquamarine glistens and gleans especially when its water.

How do you best describe your style?

Thoughtful, mixed, clean, simple and minimalist

Colours for the Art and chill edit

The best tip when selecting a sofa?

Size first as you want the sofa to fit inside a room not be the room and also comfort

Your must-haves?

warmth (sun or heat) good pillows, a soft throw and a stretch out couch

What is your favourite item in your home?

I don’t particularly have a favourite item as such, I do have a favourite window area which is in the kitchen/dining area of the middle floor. The window sill is reused street bluestone pavers from a Richmond supplier and it has my mums bonsai, an old vintage clock and a wireframe art that my dad made. It looks out to rooflines of the Richmond workers cottages style houses and is a great place to have breakfast and just relax.

What makes your home feel like a home?

The light. My house is a converted three-level warehouse in Richmond and the light that comes into the middle floor is a welcoming sight as I come down the stairs every morning. I have a balcony that is paved in bluestone and is my little potted garden space which has a window cut out of the main triple brick front wall of the building and when I look up there is the blue sky in the open roof.