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Ethnicraft Oak Sideboards

Choose Top Quality When You Choose Oak Sideboards by Ethnicraft

At Feliz Home, we have a range of bespoke brands available. Our oak sideboards by Ethnicraft are from a brand that prides itself on having outstanding craftsmanship at its core. For over 25 years, Ethnicraft has crafted timeless furniture and accessories from top-quality materials. Their ultimate goal for each piece is to create something distinguished by authenticity, simplicity, and quality. That’s not to say it’s boring, as they also focus highly on creativity and innovation. These iconic pieces are a world away from the standard, mass-market furniture you can find anywhere. It can be delivered anywhere in Australia within the timeframe of 8 to 12 weeks. Read More

Our team at Feliz Home share a passion for all elements of interior design. We’re here to share our expertise on furniture and our styling advice is also free for every delivery. You’re in safe hands. Our team was hand selected by the founder, Paul McQuillan, and each member boasts over ten years of experience. They are the crème de la crème of the best colleagues he has worked with in Australia, here to assist your interior design desires. Our collaborative approach ensures the client is always at the centre of influence. We’re here to offer a bespoke experience that will leave a lasting impression on your home. You can ask us any questions that have crossed your mind about interior design. We also stock gorgeous stone coffee tables made by Ethnicraft.

Purchase Oak Sideboards at Feliz Home

Paul McQuillan is the brilliant brain behind the company. He has invested 30 years of interior design experience into the business with inspiration gathered from his work in England, New Zealand, and Australia. Traces of his English heritage shine through in his designs, which have whispers of London’s East End in their inspiration and energy.

If you’re looking to enrich your home with a truly, one-of-a-kind piece, look no further. This authentic furniture is constructed from natural materials and solid wood and is made to withstand trends. Keeping these products well looked after will ensure they last decades. We must highlight that these oak sideboards are for indoor use only. To keep the products looking their best, make sure to dust them regularly with a dry, soft cloth. All you need to do to keep the wood healthy is have it placed in a room where the humidity is kept at 40-60% and the temperature between 13.8 and 21.1 degrees Celsius. To keep the colour preserved, the optimal spot for your sideboard is out of direct sunlight. We also have a gorgeous collection of timber bed frames that look great when accompanied by an Ethnicraft oak sideboard.


Bear in mind, the Ethnicraft oak sideboard products are very popular so their availability can be limited. To make sure you’re kept up to date, fill out a form on our website and we will keep in touch to tell you when the next units are available. If you're looking for other oak furniture to create a running theme throughout your home check out our American oak TV units.

Ethnicraft Oak Sideboards will Enhance Your Interior

Find out more about the various products Ethnicraft has to offer at Feliz Home by checking out our website. We offer a wealth of different items, perfect for creating collections to suit every room of the house. From the furniture that establishes the purpose of space to the accessories that provide it with meaning, find the timeless pieces you’re looking for with us. 
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