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Australian Made Cushions

Australian-Made Cushions to Match Any Decor

Are you updating your decor or changing your colour scheme? Feliz Home is proud to offer a wide range of luxurious Designer Guild cushions made in Australia that are sure to add a touch of elegance to any room. As well as a variety of shapes and sizes, we’re also displaying a multitude of colours - so whether you’re looking for vibrant colours or more neutral tones, there are cushions to suit your needs. Why not try matching complementary colours and patterns to create a unique look that’s 100% yours? Whether you’re looking for a touch of luxury in an indoor area - or outdoors, by the pool or in the garden seating area, - you’ll find it here. Read More

Designers Guild value creativity combined with innovation and offer high quality throughout their range. The fabrics are of excellent quality - with Designers Guild collaborating with some of the top design houses throughout the world. You’ll be able to feel the difference when you invest in these Australian-made couch cushions and throw pillows. If you enjoy relaxing, surrounded by soft pillows, you’ll love these. And guests will also notice the superiority of Designers Guild Australian-made cushions compared to generic, cheap alternatives. Our Australian-Made designer cushions are the perfect accessory for any Australian-Made sofa or our gorgeous Australian-Made Beds.

The fabrics are of the highest quality - whether you’re looking for linen or velvet for indoor use, or even resilient fibres made especially for outside use. These fabrics are durable, long-lasting and sumptuously beautiful. We also have an entire range of luxury designer cushions, so you're bound to find the perfect cushions for your home.

Supporting the Environment with Feliz Home

Here at Feliz Home, we value creativity in local artisans. We value our environment and work hard to ensure our impact on it is minimal. That’s why we enjoy working with other brands that share our passions. And Designers Guild focuses intently on developing and maintaining eco-friendly products. Just like Feliz Home, Designers Guild works towards sustainable goals in their design, transport and packaging. And these Australian-made cushions are no exception.

Many of the textiles and fibres used by Designers Guild are either recycled or recyclable. Working towards sustainable practices and moving away from throw-away culture offers environmentally conscious people the opportunity to have beautiful items whilst supporting this incredibly important shift in the textile industry.

Choosing High-Quality Cushions Made in Australia

While checking out these luxurious cushions, perhaps you’d like to discover more accessories to provide a professional finish to any room. We have throws, mirrors, bedding and much more available for you to create a wonderfully personalised space that lets your personality shine through.

As well as offering bespoke furniture services, Feliz Home also specialises in interior design and decorating. Our founder, Paul McQuillan, has over 30 years of experience in the industry and the whole team is here to help you get the most from your space.

So if you’re debating which colour/pattern combo will look the best - just let us know. We’re happy to talk through the options and help you choose the perfect Australian-made throw pillows and cushions that’ll look amazing in the space. Just reach out via our contact form and let us know how we can help.
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