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Our Australian Made Furniture Buffets

Meet the Team Selling Australian-Made Furniture Online

Our vibrant business is all thanks to one man’s vision: Paul McQuillan. After more than 30 years of designing furniture and styling interiors, Paul founded Feliz Home. Now, Paul’s gathered the best team to bring you stylish furniture, built to last. Each member of the team was chosen by Paul, after ten years of teamwork here in Australia. Read More

Inspired by his time in England, Paul’s designs have a touch of London’s vibrancy. The artsy charm of London’s East End is brought to life with Australian timber. Our furniture is upholstered with fabric from the greatest fashion houses in the world. The great trade relationships we have formed give us unique access to top designers. We’re talking designers on the level of Christian Lacroix and Ralph Lauren. At Feliz Home, we bring you elegance without formality.

Our team always puts the client’s vision first and brings out the best in it to create beautiful spaces. Paul’s approach to style is collaborative, and the results are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Our range of Australian made furniture is perfect for any room inthe house including the lounge room and dining room.

To make the most of our expertise, ask all the questions you have about interior design. Our team is united by a sense of fun and creativity and can generate ideas to give your home a new lease of life. If you have multiple homes, our team can analyse the spaces to give each home its own character. Make interior design a joy and not a chore with Feliz Home.

Buy Australian-Made Furniture Online at Feliz Home

At Feliz Home, we believe the secret to great furniture is love. Furniture that’s crafted with care and an eye for beauty endures for decades. That’s how heirlooms are made. We want you to enter a room and fall in love with it all over again. Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, celebrate your move with beautiful furniture. Reject mass-market tat and reinvent your space with unique pieces. With our range of fabrics, you can make each item truly your own.

You can buy our Australian made furniture online and have it delivered to you in 8-12 weeks, anywhere in Australia. With Feliz Home, you can relax knowing that our furniture is delivered to a schedule. Whether in person or online, our styling is free for every delivery. Our Australian made furniture has a 10-year guarantee. That’s how confident we are that our pieces are built to last.

Classic Australian-Made Furniture for Your Home

With Feliz Home, your interior design can be both stylish and unique. With confident interior design, your home can fill you with fresh energy and a renewed sense of self. What adventures will you have in your new home? Thanks to our team, you don’t have to sit scrolling through catalogues and choosing dull imported furniture with only 2 colour options. With Feliz Home, re-imagining your space is something to look forward to, a fun activity with knowledgeable new friends. We can’t wait to meet you and help you choose fabulous furniture for your home.
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