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What we love about Melbourne

Melbourne is an incredible city, and what we're looking forward to once we can reunite and enjoy the many offerings our city has.

Melbourne has depth and soul - a real genuine trait. We have something cutting edge and with style. For those who haven't been, we've asked and answered some questions on our little city below.

Are Melbournians coffee snobs?

Yes, we are… like anything we have high expectations. It's essential to start our day saying hello to our local cafe and getting served the best almond milk macchiato, or half-strength oat milk latte. The options are endless! The cafe culture brings us together, and we thrive off the community. 

We love starting our day saying hello to the lovely people at Little Sisters or stopping by Too Many Chiefs for our hit of espresso in the morning! 

Is Melbourne a place for art?

Vibrant art installations line the streets of Melbourne, and the beat of buskers are around every corner. The vibes of Melbourne are inspiring and bring like-minded people together. For us, we love collaborating with artists in our Brighton space to bring to you perfect items for our Australian way of life. We have been fortunate to find incredible artists that now house a few pieces alongside our Australian timber range. Have a read of our 'In conversations series'!

And sport?

We may not be avid followers, but for those of you who are interested in this topic, Melbourne is the perfect place to get amongst the sporting atmosphere! We personally love going to the games and enjoying the rumble of the supporters. At the same time, we socialise and have a few Aperols! 

ALF - It's been a few years since I have been to the footy. But rugged up with a pint of beer and watching the blue boys at the MCG with the family has been a great experience! 

AUSTRALIAN OPEN - Whether you are there for the sport or Daryl Braithwaite it's always a good time in the sun! 

BOXING DAY TEST - Again… only there for the atmosphere and a few drinks with friends. I still think backyard cricket on Christmas day is so much better than actually watching the sport. 

MELBOURNE CUP - Let's be honest… we are only there for the beautiful spaces, great food and to see the latest fashion statements in the Birdcage! 

What about the food?

We are the most harmonious culturally diverse city in the world. Which has blessed us with niche restaurants serving up dishes from all over the world! It's incredible with numerous authentic restaurants are serving national Asian dishes, or if you feel like Greek cuisine, you can get it here. You name it, we have it! 

We are so fortunate to have so many lunch options on Bay Street! We love getting Laska from our neighbours next door. Across the road, we have the Pearl on Bay, on Fridays we have Fish and Chips from our friends at Captain and Co! And of course, the burritos at Hencho En Mexico are delicious! We are so blessed with choice!

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