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Australian Floral Wallpaper

Invoke a Touch of Summer with Vintage Floral Wallpaper

When choosing wall colours, it’s important to consider the changing seasons. A room that’s light and beachy in the sunshine may look chilly and spartan to you on a cloudy day. Our Australian floral wallpaper is radiant on a summer’s day and cheering on a winter evening. Even bare and empty rooms are made brighter by their presence. Read More

Our wallpapers are digitally printed, but each design makes the most of a different art style. Some of our patterns look like frescoes, while others make you feel like you’re inside a masterful painting, in oil or watercolours. Nor have we confined ourselves to imitating paint: other patterns capture all the exquisite precision of hand-drawn birds and butterflies. If you prefer sketches to line drawings, we have black and white vintage flower wallpaper that combines the versatility of minimalism with the vibrancy of patterns.

Buy Colourful Vintage Floral Print Wallpaper from Feliz Home

Feliz Home has the very best artists in residence, on the level of Ralph Lauren and Christian Lacroix. Our founder, Paul McQuillan, has over 30 years of experience. He’s designed interiors in England, Australia, and New Zealand. You can see in our Australian floral print wallpaper the inspiration of the classic English cottage garden. He handpicked our top team, having worked with them for 10 years. And at Feliz Home, our style advice is free.

Our wallpapers come in a range of colours. Rich or subtle, all of them are beautiful. You can choose decadent combinations of oranges, pinks, greens, reds, and the palest grey. Other designs have a dominant colour that really pops, like lapis, plum, amethyst, peony pink, or even lush green foliage. For wallpaper that suits every combination of furniture, you can’t go wrong with our black and white floral drawings. We also have a gorgeous range of geometric wallpapers and textured wallpapers if you are looking to add contemporary flair to your interior.

The Best Floral Wallpaper in Australia

Our wallpapers are washable and easy to hang, so you can capture the freshness of nature in your home for years to come. Fill in the form on our website to receive free samples. Each page of our range tells you how often the flower patterned wallpaper repeats, vertically and horizontally. We can even calculate how many rolls will be needed: just type in the width and height of your wall. At Feliz Home, hanging wallpaper is a seamless process. Choose UPS Express for delivery and your wallpaper will arrive within 5-10 days of your order. Standard delivery will arrive within 10-14 days.

Choosing which Australian floral print wallpaper to hang in your home doesn’t have to be a chore. We love interior design, and no question is too out-there. We’re happy to work on multiple design schemes for the same customer. We care about style, not fashion, and the customer’s vision is our guide in crafting beautiful spaces.
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