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Designers Guild Edit

Paul co-owner of Feliz Home selects his favourite Designers Guild collection.

Paul’s far away from Kings Road now, but there is nothing to stop him from bringing you a Designers Guild Edit. We ask Paul a few questions about his own home and why Designers Guild has followed him throughout his career.

Pauls Edit, Lamp Chair and wallpaper

How do you best describe your style?

I do not have a particular style, to be honest, however, I try very hard not to get caught up in fashion fads, when it comes to interiors, as this can become very costly in every way. I tend to create more of a classic timeless interior, a more considered and balanced approach for years of enjoyment. 

Where has this love of Designers Guild come from?

Being born in London, the natural light is never really as brilliant as it is in the southern hemisphere. Once I discovered Tricia Guild, co-founder of Designers Guild, I totally fell in love with her progressive use of colour which totally inspired the British home. Her use of colour and texture, literally, changed the way people felt, subconsciously, lifting people's moods and spirit, the sunshine within the home.

Why has Designers Guild been so prevalent throughout your career?

My own personal experience working with Designers Guild in the Kings Road, was probably one of the most exciting times in my life. I feel Designers Guild, to me, is like my first love, you never really want to fully let go, you hold on to all the memories so tightly, replaying them as a source of comfort during tough times. The creativity from this design house has always been a constant source of happiness and inspiration to me.

What is your favourite era?

Omg, I do not need to go any further than the 80’s .. I hate to admit it but all I have to do is hear a piece of music from that era and I am literally transported back. Can almost picture what I was wearing.

The best tip when selecting wallpaper?

Interiors are so personal, I think application of wallpaper and the choosing is totally dependent on the space. I can let you know a couple of things that wallpaper does once it's in place. Firstly, it brings in character and warmth. Secondly, scale and design can give the space an incredible openness and depth, don't be fooled to think you have to have huge rooms you seriously don't.

Your must-haves?

My main must haves in any space, is a combination of textures and pattern. This comprises velvet, leather, linen, and pattern. I have become a lot more conscious of “ the statement piece ” within the space, whether this is a leather piece or patterned for example and understating everything else from this. To me, this alchemy certainly creates a very balanced space.

Favourite decor items?

It changes all the time. This is the one exciting thing about what I do as it's forever changing depending on the client, I am dealing with. My favourite newfound passion currently is wallpaper. It makes such a significant impact, I love it.

 Floral Wallpaper

Grandiflora Rose Dusk Wallpaper

This truly is like it's hand-painted and has such a beautiful impact on any wall. You literally have bought in your art and dimension within your space.

What is your favourite item in your home?

I have an amazing patchwork cowhide and kilim, an antique rug with blanket stitched detail, which sits in the entrance of my home. I have always had a total weakness for the blanket stitch, to be honest, this detail I fell in love with it from childhood.