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In conversation with Alicia Cornwell

In conversation with Alicia Cornwell


Proteas, Daisies and the enamel Jug

Banksias, Dollar Gum and the Vintage Sanderson

Retro Banksias and the Yellow polka dots


What was the spark for Vintage Fabric Collection? Where did the story begin?

This collection of original oil paintings that I am very proud to be exhibiting at Feliz Home is from an expansive collection I am still adding to known as the “Vintage Fabric Collection”

My original inspiration for this grouping was my extensive collection of old fabrics dating back to the 1930s with my current fascination for the 60/70’s eras. 

Previous to my full-time painting career I ran my own Antique/ Vintage business and during that time collected some of my favourite pieces with a strong emphasis on Australiana. 

I have been enjoying connecting these two phases of my life by including hints of old combined with native and exotic plants that grow close to my studio on Mount Dandenong. 

What inspires you creatively?

The environment that I live and work in. Our home is a 100-year-old original cottage in Olinda which is surrounded by National Parks and Botanic Gardens. Every day is an inspiration in the area where we live!

How would you describe your style when it comes to your products? 

My style is fluid in that I expect it to keep changing the more I paint. Currently, my interest is in contemporary realism with original designs to embellish the home as part of a whole design. I love bright patterns popping behind more realistic still life settings and interesting perspectives. 

Most memorable place you've travelled?

Australia! I love everything about it, the changeability of the landscape, the colours, the breadth of it all. I have travelled quite extensively within Australia but I would say the most memorable would be Western Australia. I loved it so much I lived there for quite a few years!

On a typical weekend, we'll find you?

Typically we like to travel into town and find a cosy coffee shop for breakfast and settle in with the newspaper and a spectacular coffee that only Melbourne provides. Hanging out with my family gives me the most joy!

After that, I always find time to do some forest bathing and go for a decent hike or trail run in our local forests. Refreshes the soul. Finish that off with some time painting in the studio and my weekend is pretty well complete. 

What's your best piece of advice when buying items for your home?

My rule of thumb is you know it when you see it. Don’t second guess yourself, don’t ask someone else for advice. Your heart is telling you - listen to it, it’s yours come get it, it might not be there when you come back.

A favourite quote? 

“You had the power all along my dear” Glinda the good Witch (Wizard of Oz)

At Feliz, we love this because:

We feel instantly uplifted when walking into a room of Alicia’s art. The use of Australian botanicals and a nod to the 70s era is oh so familiar. We love hearing our guests reminisce and make conversation as they absorb every detail of each canvas. Hand-painted locally, this unique collection will be a family heirloom. 

It’s great for any home...

Alicia’s current collection at Feliz Home, Brighton is the perfect size for above your buffet or sideboard. A statement piece which can be the hero of your room. We love Alicia's collection paired with our Rattan Timber range. It is the perfect nod to the 70s.

Styling tips…

When styling we encourage you to hang your art at eye height. With the use of different colours, Alicia’s work allows flexibility. So pick a few colours from your desired canvas and throwback with our vibrant velvet coloured cushions on your bed or lounge.

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