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Australian Made Sofas

Premium Quality Australian-Made Sofas from Feliz Home

Getting the bare necessities to transform your house into a home doesn’t have to feel dull. A couch doesn’t have to just exist to sit on; it can be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Choose the best Australian-made sofas that last for years to come in a fabric of your choice. With the right sofa, you can fall in love with your home every time you enter a room and make it a space that you stay in love with. Read More

At Feliz Home, we provide a bespoke design service beyond your standard retail experience and take pride in creating thoughtful spaces that match your interior desires. Reinvent your space into one that oozes comfort and class. Choosing our Australian-made sofas means choosing a local product that also reduces the environmental impact associated with the importation and transportation of goods. It’s fostering collaboration with local artists and designers and supporting local employment. It also means you’re not choosing a ‘fast furniture’ product that is lacking the high-quality standard and individuality that we craft our furniture to fit. Completely transform your living room with our modern stone coffee table, a beautiful piece that compliments any couch.

Our Australian-Made Lounges Will Make Your House a Home

We offer a range of versatile lounges made in Australia that can suit any setting, whether it’s family or formal. These lounges are for indoor use only. Reinvigorate your home with timeless pieces that can be passed down through the generations. With a fixed delivery timeframe of 8 to 12 weeks, we’re the furniture supplier you know you can rely on to deliver anywhere in Australia.

Influenced by his time in England, New Zealand, and Australia, our founder Paul McQuillan has 30 years of rich experience. Those with a keen eye for detail in design and art will pick up on the resemblance Feliz Home shares with London locations like Kings Road and The Wolseley. Our team also share a wealth of experience, each selected by Paul himself after ten years of teamwork. We want to work with you to deliver a home styling service that meets your need for inspired living and aesthetic innovation. No matter if you purchase our furniture in person or online, we offer free styling advice for every delivery. We aim to make your experience as simple but effective as possible.

The Best Melbourne-Made Sofas

The Feliz Home team is always on hand to help you find the best product for your home. It doesn’t have to stop at a sofa. We sell a range of different items to complement your living room, including designer cushions, rugs, wallpaper, and much more. We can present you with a curated concept for your home to assist you in visualising the desired look that you want. Our mood board includes guidance with selecting the right colour palettes and styling accents that will complete your space.
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