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Rosie Marie Lopez

Rosie Marie Lopez
Santa Fe, NM

I began taking studio classes in ART at University of NM when  I was in my 20's. I studied art in Guadalajara, Mexico's University of AZ summer programs.

In My Junior year I was in Madrid, Spain.  NY University Junior Year in Spain program.  I travelled throughout Europe.  My small world was suddenly quite large and Art was and continues to be one of my interest and life passion. I took studio art classes and art history in Santa Fe, NM .  UNM offered Graduate Study classes in Santa Fe, NM where I live. My medium is watercolor and egg tempera.

I have been hiking, walking in the Sangre de Cristo mountains for many years. They are the end of the Rocky Mountain range that goes all the way to Canada and ends in NM in the Sangres in Santa Fe , NM

I have hiked in Colorado and Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Montana  for the last 30 years with my hiking group. All of my paintings are from places I have wandered and enjoyed.

My attraction to leaves came from all the hikes in the fall to enjoy our beautiful Aspen trees.  I find like humans, leaves are individually unique and seem to have colors, shapes and even a special calligraphy of their own. Each leaf I use in my art is one I have collected as I wander in the woods. Perhaps they can influence acceptance and more interest in seeing  the value of the uniqueness in each of us individually.

Nature is my teacher and I am grateful to be able to wander and enjoy and paint what I see and love.