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Australian Made Dining Tables

Our Australian Made Dining Tables

One of the most-used pieces of furniture in your home is your dining table. Whether you’re writing a shopping list, eating a meal, having a hot drink, or holding a meeting, your dining table comes in handy. At Feliz Home, we’ve got a fantastic range of dining tables. In oak, Teak, or faux marble, circular, oval, or rectangular, fixed, extendable or double extendable, block legs or slim legs, we’ve got the table for your needs. Each webpage tells you the height, width, and depth of your chosen table. You can learn more about each table by downloading the care instructions. Our tables are popular, but you can keep up to date on their availability by simply filling in the form on our website. No need to endlessly refresh the page: we’ll let you know when your chosen table is back in stock. Read More

Not all of our tables are for outdoor use. To check that your preferred table is suitable for your patio, browse our Outdoors page. All the tables in that section are designed with indoor and outdoor use in mind. If your needs vary from day to day, check out our extendable and double-extendable tables. They can be shortened and lengthened single-handedly.

Versatile Dining Tables That Last for Years

With imported products, you can’t be sure you’ll get the quality you’ve paid for. Our Australian-Made dining tables are made with ethically sourced timber. Invest in placemats and coasters to keep your table free of stains and heat damage. Keep the room temperature between 57-70 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity between 40-60%. Our dining tables are easy to keep clean: dust them with a dry cloth and wash with natural soap. Dry any water spills with a soft cloth to prevent marks. When cleaning, move in the direction of the lines of the wood, not across them. Keep the legs of the table away from water and harsh cleaning chemicals. We also have an amazing range of durable American oak dining tables that will last a lifetime.

Treat your dining table to polish and bring out the beauty of the wood. Dust the surface and then apply liquid beeswax with a soft brush. Once the beeswax is dry buff the table with a soft cloth. Because of the timber we use, each of our tables has a unique pattern that’s beautiful to examine. Keep your table out of direct sunlight to preserve the colour, and away from air conditioning or heat sources. Looking for more than just a dining table? Check out our Australian-Made dining chairs.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Buy Australian Dining Tables Online

Whatever your order, wherever you are in Australia, we can deliver in 8-12 weeks. Our team was hand-picked by our founder, Paul McQuillan, and each member has at least ten years of experience in interior design. Our style advice is free, and you can reach us through the messaging app at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. 
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