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About Feliz Home's Furniture

Who says beauty has to be fleeting? Striking the perfect balance between captivating aesthetics and durability, Feliz’s

The Feliz vision for beautiful furnishings rests on the skill of the creator and the truth of the grain. The timber materials are a mark of integrity. We use only the finest Victorian ash and Messmate, as well as American oak and American walnut. There is no substitute for the depth of genuine, natural woods. From first glance at one of our furniture pieces, you will fall in love.

Why buy Australian-made furniture? Because our local industry is one of the finest in the world. Australian products, materials and innovation are in global demand. Buying Australian-made directly from our renowned creators helps carry our industry from strength to strength - as well as offering the peace of mind that comes with a full domestic warranty. You can have the satisfaction of owning a beautiful piece of furniture that comes from the heart, right here at home.

Apart from supporting local designers and craftsmen, these pieces are made by people who understand the high standards of quality and beauty we know you demand. As local, Australian-made pieces, these are a far cry from the mass-produced, ‘fast furniture’ to which many people are accustomed. Feliz’s Australian-made collection is for people, who value quality and beauty, and skilled craftsmanship. We understand the aesthetic demands of the modern Australian home, and we know how to meet the needs of understated luxury with the perfectly crafted piece.

With their timeless elegance, these pieces are built to last. Because they are designed not to meet the trends of the moment, but to endure, you will be able to instantly imagine them fitting within any room. Visualise our Divine King bed in walnut taking pride of place in the master bedroom, our living and dining room consoles and buffets in American Oak or Messmate, our cabinet with a native floral print becoming a feature piece in your study, or even a simple hallway table in Victorian ash creating an elegant accent for your entrance.

Linda table in the workshop

Classic design and clean lines make these boutique, handcrafted pieces from local Australian creators the pinnacle of versatile luxury furnishings. If you would like guidance in visualising or curating these pieces and bringing your domestic space to life, we also offer interior design services.

Feliz is joy: the joy of owning beauty, of curating your domestic space to realise your perfect vision, of knowing, from the first touch, that these home furnishings and designs possess the qualities of exquisite craftsmanship and enduring elegance.