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Textured Wallpaper

Textured Wallpaper Gives A Touch of Style To Your Interiors

Textured wallpaper can bring your space to life. Pleasant to touch, our range of textured wallpapers is available in calming neutral colours with subtle patterns. Read More

Choose hand-crafted grasscloth for a natural finish that’s easy to hang and clean. Using unique ways of printing, our grasscloth papers have the texture of hand-finished cloth. Our wide-width papers allow for bigger designs and make covering your walls easier. Thanks to the work of the Designers’ Guild, our textured wallpapers are sublime. Other papers are overprinted with a brushwork texture, that makes you feel like you’re living in a painting.

If you enjoyed brass rubbings as a kid, the vinyl wall coverings are for you. They have the same texture, and you can get neutral or contrasting combinations including metallic colours. If you prefer the look of an Italian Palazzo, we have distressed plasterwork designs. It’s heavyweight but easy to clean. If you're looking for something with more vibrance check out our range of floral wallpapers. We also have an exciting array of geometric wallpapers.

Inspired by over 30 years of experience designing interiors in England, New Zealand, and Australia, Paul McQuillan brought an English twist to our collection of European wallpaper. The collection pays homage to classic designers such as House of Hackney, Cole and Sons, and Designers Guild. Keen-eyed connoisseurs of art and design will notice the resemblance between Feliz Home and London locations like Sketch, Kings Road, and The Wolseley, but also the elements drawn from the energy of the East End.

Buy Textured Wallpaper Australia

Can’t try our wallpapers in person? Fill in the form on our website and we can send you a wallpaper sample.

Worried about running out of wallpaper? No problem! Thanks to our website, you can calculate how many rolls you’ll need. Just type in the wall width and height. For patterned wallpaper, we will tell you how often the pattern repeats (how many centimetres of pattern you get before it starts again). This helps you to visualise what your wall will look like and warn you if an edge will cut off your paper mid-pattern.

Buy textured wallpaper from Feliz Home and have it delivered to you in as little as 5 days. If you choose UPS Express, we can deliver between 5-10 days, and by Standard between 10-14 days. Your room could be a week away from transformation.

The Finest Textured Wallpaper Available at Feliz Home

At Feliz Home, we’re passionate about all aspects of interior design. That means we’re happy to advise you about what paper best suits your space and your furniture. Our styling advice is completely free, and we consider our customers our friends. Check out our online furniture store and browse our stunning range of sofas, cushions, and throws. Or take a break from decision-making with our Light Reader pages and discover your next exciting read. With Feliz Home, style is at your fingertips.
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