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Sweetie Darling Lacroix Edit

You don't grow up in England in the 90s without knowing who Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are and let's face it with Major and Blair running the show we welcomed them. Today Op Shops in England are not in short supply of old Ab Fab box sets as streaming takes over the world.

This lead Kris to do two things with his first cheque book in 2002, one, buy Bolly, and two a perfume from Christian Lacroix. As a grown-up with a payWave, it's Christian Lacroix Maison collection edited by Designers Guild and without hesitation, he's put Ciel Liberte - Aurore in the bedroom and Butterfly Parade in the bathroom.

 Christian Lacroix wallpaper and an oak bed

What do you look for when selecting a theme for your space?

I like to think of something crazy then take 2 or 3 steps back from there and refine it into something practical that can work every day. We’ve got two Jardin Des Reves Panoramic Prisme Murals on the wall in the showroom making it 7.2 m long it’s incredible and a real showpiece if you can get on board with that there is certainly something in the Christian Lacroix Maison collection for you.

Any advice on choosing a wallpaper?

Go to Pearl on Bay for lunch have them make you a Gin Marti, skip dessert, walk over the road and into our showroom and talk to us about it.

What’s your must-have Lacroix Mason?

Wallpaper... Why paint, again?

I have Ciel Liberte - Aurore in the bedroom and Butterfly Parade in the bathroom. It has changed my life!

What’s your favourite item at home?

I like my record player and the Sonos, I recently sold my Bitcoins and bought some perfume and La vie en rose 40 years of Pierre et Gilles which is fun to have on the coffee table. I also seem to collect copies of Brideshead Revisited and Nineteen Eighty-Four, I get the urge to read and never seem to have a copy to hand and to have to get another copy.

What words describe your style?

I didn’t realise how English I was until I left England and then somehow being overseas made me turn it up to eleven. And now I dream of doing things like installing AGA Cookers and making sofas with fabric from The House of Hackney, and wondering if I should revive the Westwood collection from youth.

Colours used in this room.

Did your life change much after Basic Instinct?