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Walnut Bedside Tables

Quality Walnut Bedside Tables Made in Australia

Walnut is a timeless, classic wood with an elegance that matches any decor. It’s a solid, enduring material that’ll make a luxurious addition to any home. Each furniture piece made from walnut is wholly unique due to the colour variations in the wood grain. Additionally, it’s an excellent wood for engraving and carving for that added touch of individual character. Read More

Bedside tables made from walnut are sturdy, functional and fashionable beyond momentary fads. At Feliz Home, we ensure our products and designs are suited for use throughout the years, without the need to replace often - unlike tacky mass-produced items. Our walnut bedside tables, handcrafted in Australia, showcase the amazing talents of our expert handcrafters and designers. They’re majestic, without being showy. The understated beauty evokes awe.

If you’re considering refreshing your decor and rejuvenating your bedroom, bedside tables made from walnut are an excellent centrepiece. You’re guaranteed no one will have a similar item due to the uniqueness of this special wood.

Buy Walnut Bedside Tables Online That Are Built to Last

Solid wood furniture has years of life built right into the structure. It doesn’t lose function, fall apart or become tatty with age. If you look after your beautiful walnut bedside tables, they’ll serve you for decades. Here at Feliz Home, we even offer guarantees on our furniture - because we believe in these high-quality items. Because the items are handcrafted and made to order, it may take 8-12 weeks for delivery.

Walnut has a natural variation in the grain, which means we can’t guarantee the specific patterns that will show in your finished piece. Each item is made to order, however, so you can request alterations and additions to each product when you buy walnut bedside tables online. These can be based on aesthetic desires and the specific space you would like to utilise. Unlike premade furniture items, you no longer have to make do with what's available, not when Feliz Home is here to help you get the most from your space. We also have a gorgeous range of Australian-Made sofas and timber bed frames that pair perfectly with our bedside tables.

Why settle for anything less than a well-designed space that’s uniquely yours and true to your vision?

Feliz Home Delivers High-Quality Australian-Made Furniture

After 30 years and three countries, Paul McQuillan is dedicating his superior knowledge of interior and furniture design to Feliz Home. During his many successes throughout London, New Zealand and Australia, he networked with many people of extraordinary talent - many of whom joined the Feliz Home team. This has created a dynamic group with in-depth knowledge of quality furniture and an appreciation of classic elegance.

Feliz Home appreciates the talents home-grown in Australia, and collaboration allows artists to showcase their work to the wider community. By buying walnut bedside tables online with Feliz Home, you’re supporting the expertise of Australian handcrafters and investing in furniture that lasts.

To find out more about Feliz Home and our walnut bedside tables made in Australia please check our product listings. If you require any modifications or have specific measurement requests, please let us know by completing the contact form or by giving us a call. We’d love to discuss how we can make the bedside tables made of walnut that are exactly right for you.
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