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Teak Dining Chairs Australia

The Best Teak Dining Chairs in Australia

We were founded by Paul McQuillan, a visionary who designed interiors in England, Australia, and New Zealand. Drawing on decades of experience, Paul personally chose his team. Thanks to our expertise in nurturing trade relationships, we’ve got designers on the level of Ralph Lauren and Christian Lacroix. Our upholstered furniture has fabric from the world’s top fashion houses. Read More

With a touch of inspiration from his time abroad, Paul’s designs are vibrant and joyful. That passion unites our team and can be seen in everything we craft. And our advice is free! We can help you transform your interiors, according to your vision. We love answering your questions about interior design. Whether you’re redesigning one room or many, one home or many, we can help you choose furniture and wallpaper you’ll love for years. Discover more about Paul and our artists on our website.

Teak Bok Dining Chair Lasts for Generations

The Teak Bok dining chair is one of our most popular designs, and it’s easy to see why. Alain van Havre captured in wood the lightness of air and the grace of flowing water. Teak’s gentle brown is a colour that’s both neutral and warm. Because we work with timber, the pattern of the wood in each dining chair is unique. The Bok dining chair is so popular that its availability is limited. We want you to have a chance to own this beautiful piece. That’s why you can fill in the form on the Teak Bok dining chair’s webpage, and we’ll let you know when they’re back in stock. You can also peruse our range of Australian-Made dining chairs if the Teak Bok dining chair isnt your style.

The Teak Bok dining chair is sturdier than its elegance suggests. It adapts to its environment, with some minor cracking and movement of the wood. This is natural and does not damage the chair. The best conditions for the chair are a room temperature of 57-70 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity of 40-60%. It’s at its best away from heat sources, air conditioners, and strong sunlight. The Teak dining chair is for indoor use: for outdoor dining check out our Outdoors range. If you make sure to lift them when moving them around and keep them away from wet floors, your dining chairs can become heirlooms. They don’t need expensive cleaning materials: a soft cloth removes dust and warm soapy water removes ingrained dirt. 

You Can Buy Our Teak Dining Chairs Online

Our website is hassle-free and easy to use. On each chair’s webpage, we’ll tell you the depth, width and height of the piece, and you can download detailed care instructions. We can deliver your order in 8-12 weeks, to an address anywhere in Australia. You can send questions and comments to our team via the messaging service on the bottom right-hand corner of the webpage. At Feliz Home, we believe even an item as functional as a dining chair should be beautiful. A set of Teak Bok dining chairs creates a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere they are also beautifully accompanied by a rattan tv unit. Look forward to family gatherings and dining with friends with these elegant and comfortable chairs.
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