Designer Profile: Tricia Guild 

Tricia Guild Standing Against Wallpaper

Tricia Guild is considered a legend by the team at Feliz Home – she’s championed the way for bold, iconic prints that create nothing less than a lifestyle for homeowners. Even Queen Elizabeth thought she couldn’t go unrecognised for her work and gave her an OBE in 2008. Founder of Designers Guild, her humble beginning that rapidly transformed her into international home design royalty is even more inspiring than her eclectic designs. 

Tricia's passion and flair for all things creative were instilled from a young age, having grown up with artistic parents. We can only imagine what dinner at that table would be like! Tricia started as an interior designer and quickly identified a gap in the market for punchy, vibrant designs. She took the leap and produced her own to sell in a small showroom during the early '70s, marking the official launch of Designers Guild. Traction was gradually gained until eventually a trade exhibition in Paris during the mid-'70s catapulted the brand into the limelight. 

It’s been said that Tricia’s inspiration is drawn from travel, and this is clear to see through her use of natural colours, prints and elements. She owns a home in India that she regularly travels to and has stated that a lot of her best work is done there. Tricia Guild says that seeing the blue sky of a morning is stimulating and energising, and through this belief she has brought the best of the outside to our walls. Whether travels and skies breathe life into you or not, Tricia’s lifestyle creations will bring out the best of your mind. 

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In conversation with ILANEL

In conversation with ILANEL