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Rattan TV Entertainment Units

The Finest Rattan Entertainment Units in Australia

At Feliz Home, we believe even a TV cabinet should be beautiful. That’s why we’ve designed a range of delightful rattan tv units. You can choose from three different kinds of timber, and a range of sizes from 140cm to 240cm in width. Each rattan tv unit is made in Melbourne, Australia. We can deliver it to anywhere in the nation in a window of 8-12 weeks. Read More

Thanks to the nature of our timber, the pattern of the wood changes for each TV unit, making each piece one-of-a-kind. The rattan gives the tv unit character, yet it fits naturally into almost any design scheme. Though it has a vintage aesthetic, the rattan tv unit functions like the very best modern furniture and its self-closing drawers keep your living room tidy. With a 2-year warranty, our furniture is as dependable as it is elegant.

Choose an Australian Made Rattan TV Unit

Paul McQuillan was the man who started it all. With 30 years of interior design under his belt, and inspiration picked up from England, New York, and Australia, he assembled our team here at Feliz Home. Each member was personally chosen by Paul and has worked with him for over ten years. We’re not just co-workers, we’re friends.

Passion is at the heart of Feliz Home: a passion for interior design, and for bringing joy to our customers. That’s why we want to personalise your furniture as much as possible. Just let us know what adjustments to the original design you need. We love to share our knowledge, but your wishes come first. With Feliz Home, choosing furniture is fun and relaxed.

Enliven Your Home with A Rattan TV Cabinet

At Feliz Home, we don’t believe you should just be handed a catalogue and asked to pick. Bring all your questions to us. Our advice is free! Don't be afraid to reach out to our supportive team while you are browsing our online furniture store.

An Australian-made rattan TV unit is not the only product that can brighten your home. Check out our beautifully designed range of sofas, throws, cushions, coffee tables, and shelves. Learn more about the designers and artists at Feliz Home by visiting our website. If you have multiple homes, we can help you pick the right piece for each residence. Our furniture is as well made as it is well-designed. With good care, it will stay in good condition for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Our units keep best at a humidity of 40-60% and at a room temperature of 57-70 degrees Fahrenheit. It looks great anywhere in the room, but the best spots are out of direct sunlight. We must emphasise that our Aus-made TV cabinets are for indoor use only.

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