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Ethnicraft Bedside Tables

Ethnicraft Bedside Tables Made Specially for You

Furniture should be more than just somewhere to store your items. It should be well-made, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. After all, it’s part of your home and part of the memories you create. Ethnicraft focuses on creating furniture that does just that. They design purpose into their craft and deliver function whilst creating items that suit any space. Read More

Bedside tables by Ethnicraft bring timeless beauty and functionality into an item that might often be overlooked. Bedside tables are a perfect place to store personal items, hold a lamp and even somewhere to keep that book you’ve been reading. But bedside tables from Ethnicraft give so much more. Their classic elegance helps deliver character into your space and they’re versatile enough to suit almost any decor choice.

Each item is made to order, meaning it can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks for your delivery. During that time expert craftspeople will be creating your furniture that fits uniquely into the space you have. Much care and love go into the creation of each piece, ensuring your bedside tables will be of the highest quality and exude the luxuriousness of handcrafted work.

Ethnicraft is devoted to furthering global efforts to create a sustainable furniture industry. This is seen in their careful selection of materials, with a focus on durability, as well as their logistics and transportation policies. Unlike the carefree, disposable trends that have emerged in recent years, Ethnicraft cares for high-quality items that’ll last you for many years - and decor changes - to come. If you want to see our other bedside tables on offer check out our Australian-Made bedside table.

Purchasing Ethnicraft Items with Feliz Home

Ethnicraft and Feliz Home have similar values and thoughts on the need for high-quality and sustainable furniture. Both enjoy the work of Australian artists and designers making this an excellent relationship for you. Whilst you're choosing your bedside tables from Ethnicraft, you might be interested in exploring our other furniture items that can help you create your space full of personality, that reflects you. These furniture items will be a part of your memories, and we want them to bring you joy for many years to come. If you’re rejuvenating your decor, there’s never been a better time to invest in high-quality products. We also have gorgeous sideboards from Ethnicraft to compliment your bedside table.

To care for your bedside tables by Ethnicraft, maintain optimum humidity and temperature levels while avoiding direct sunlight. Keep your Ethnicraft bedside tables away from heaters and air conditioning units, wipe up any spills immediately and avoid contact with harsh chemicals. By following proper care guidelines, you can extend the life of your Ethnicraft bedside tables.

Buying Your Ethnicraft Bedside Tables Online

Feliz Home is here to help you choose the right product for your space. Our founder, Paul McQuillan, has 30 years of experience in the furniture and interior design industry - and has curated a team of talented individuals, all ready to help you. You can browse our range of bedside tables by Ethnicraft on our website. Should you require any modifications, please get in touch through the contact form. We’re always here, ready to help and guide you to the product available on our online store that matches what you’re looking for.
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