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GRAS 203 WALL LAMP by Feliz

The Lampe Gras 203 Wall Light features an adjustable horizontal rod that allows itξto be extended or shortened. Movement is at the heart of the GrasξLamps, therefore in this styleξit is manoeuvrable at the lamp's head, neck and at theξwall mount, which allows for a wideξrange of illumination. Making the Grasξ203 not only aξperfect reading lampξorξmood light but also ideal as a task lampξwhere a certain amount of light and flexibility isξrequired.

Cast in steel, it is a masterpiece of good industrial design. Functionally and aesthetically versatile, it can fit into a wide range of settings and spaces. Its classic form will garner attention and equallyξbe subtle enoughξwhen retracted, to blend into any given interior.

Dimentions:ξExtendable Rod,ξLξmin.ξ490ξ-ξ760 max.ξplusξarmξ200 mm

Material:ξSteelξ-ξBody & Shade
Colour:ξBlack, satin-finish

Note:ξThe Grasξ203 is suppliedξwith aξRoundξShade.
Alternatively, aξConicalξshape is available andξneeds to be orderedξadditionally.
TheξShade is also available in other colours - alsoξneeds to be ordered as an additional item.

Electrical Specifications
LEDξE14 - Max 11Wξ
IP20 rated

GRAS 203