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Sacha Walckhoff

Sacha Walckhoff

Sacha Walckhoff is the genius behind current Christian Lacroix Maison designs, having been titled with Creative Director in 2010. Sacha had been closely associated with fashion Christian Lacroix since 1992 and hand-picked as his successor.

Sacha is responsible for the Lacroix brands expansion into new areas of lifestyle design and home décor, transforming the brand over the last decade to a modern eclectic taste with hints of the classic Lacroix style. With a background arising from French, Swiss, Slavic and African roots, it’s no surprise that Sacha’s style and influence are diverse and all-encompassing.

Sacha has stated in interviews that the Christian Lacroix releases tell stories, and as you browse through the iconic designs, it's easy to see the reference. French collections conveying the tales love and glamour found only in the region are a famous example most desired by customers around the globe.

Sacha credits his interest in the role more to his strong relationship with Lacroix himself than to a desire in the field. His creative genius is impossible to harness as he branches out into more uniquely stylized projects beyond Lacroix. He currently boasts images of two residences on his website where fans of his work can gauge a closer understanding of his tastes and styling finesse.

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