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Paul McQuillan in Turbo Magazine

Paul McQuillan in Turbo Magazine

Paul McQuillan’s extensive interior design career began at the Designers’ Guild in Kings Road, London. He then moved south – initially to New Zealand, then to Australia in 2007.

Extremely passionate about sustainable design, Paul appreciates the importance of balanced and harmonious local environments. With business partner Kris, Paul recently opened Feliz Home & Furniture in Brighton’s Bay Street.

We asked for Paul’s thoughts on future directions in interior design.

Trends: Increasing environmental consciousness now extends to interior design choices. Clients are more aware of their furnishings’ origins, composition and manufacture, with classic, sustainable aesthetics replacing short-term fashion-oriented spaces.
Colours: Richer tones are dominating, from moss greens to peat browns, with sharp citrus touches. Patterned and textured fabrics will emerge, along with more extensive use of wallpaper.
Kitchens: Black accents will continue featuring heavily for lighting, handles and trims. Splashbacks now form every kitchen’s main visual statement, whether tiled, glazed or embossed stainless steel.
Lounges: Living spaces should evoke intimacy with a splash of excitement. Harmonious spaces can be enhanced by highlights such as rugs, patterned cushions, textured felt, and mood lighting.
Bedrooms: Bold wallpaper on the main wall is often coupled with an elevated timber bed. Serenity is created by natural linen sheeting in solid colours, an occasional chair, or even an ottoman. Lighting: Judiciously chosen pendant lighting, supported by warm ambient lamps, enhances each room’s proportions.
Flooring: Open-planned living areas need large rugs to define them. Overdyed antique rugs imbue spaces with authenticity, while large round rugs infuse linear spaces with warmth by softening harsh lines.

Feliz Home & Furniture, 291 Bay Street, Brighton.

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Paul McQuillan in Turbo Magazine

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