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Designers Guild Wallpaper

Image of Sunflowers
Designers Guild at Feliz

Why use paint again?

When you can have a sweeping scene of Indian sunflowers or a detailed study of feathers, feature walls are now pieces of art, brought to you from Designers Guild at Feliz.

Designers Guild London brings you some of the world’s best scenes and patterns to your walls. It’s a long way to King’s Road, that’s why at Feliz we worked through samples, reviewed collections and brought some of our favorites here. We’re not afraid and we don’t accept one red wall!

We fell in love with Designers Guild a decade after Tricia Guild founded it in 1970, and it’s a love we still have today. Our collection takes our favorites and allows you to create a feature wall, make a hallway a bold statement or turn half a room into a work of art with no picture frame required.

“Tricia Guild? She’s the only person I know who could design a bright orange sofa without it looking ridiculous. She’s almost outside fashion and trends – she’s her own trend.”