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Adventures in Bay Street

Feliz has a beautiful showroom opened on Bay Street in Brighton, Victoria. Keeping in theme with Feliz, we knew that this showroom could not be anything less than spectacular.

We were determined to create a space that spoke of fun, whispered of adventures and took you on a beautiful journey that pushed the boundaries and broke the rules of what a showroom should look like.
We’ve managed to showcase our pieces in a way that makes you feel right at home, but also helps bend your brain and inspire you in ways you had never thought possible. Enter our quaint Bay Street glass doors and be greeted by grand!

The first sight to see is a 7m Christian Lacroix mural, Jardin Des Reves Panoramic Prisme that tantalises your senses. These pieces of pure art will steal your heart – and probably your wall space since we know you’ll fall in love. A dream-like depiction of a fantastical garden in a grand scale by Christian Lacroix. With serene open skies, photographic blooms and tropical palms uniquely overlaid, this thrilling design is a wonder to behold.

Only fitting for the tunnelling hall that leads you to the next area that is quite the contrast. A sophisticated living space, you can see yourself sitting in with ease. Here you’ll be enchanted by our solid timber furniture. Feel the quality for yourself.
While listening to a curated music selection, you’ll happen upon a set of stairs, where more twists and turns carry out your adventure in Bay Street. A room to the left showcases a bedroom with a royal touch.

The last stop is the living area – imagine yourself seated on the comfy Australian made sofas, studying or working from a quality solid oak table. You'll be in awe of our showroom. We know, you can’t just take our word for it.
Remember to check in often – our showroom is a place of wonderous adventure, and you never know when the stairs will lead you to a new destination.