In conversations with Lisa Saad

In conversations with Lisa Saad

What was the spark for “The Anonymous Man”? Where did the story begin?

This series of images is based around the idea of a dreamscape. Each image represented itself to me in a flash, as a fleeting moment in full realisation or as a tone of colour. The images are open for your interpretation within their closed borders. Do you see that we are becoming more and more anonymous within the urbanised world we live in? Do you see what we build new for old? Do you see how we communicate in a faceless manner? We are always making decisions, always deciding to step one way or the other and we are always looking for greener pastures or is it the easy way out? The pressures, the freedoms and the unexpectedness of our urbanised worlds are shown differently through the arresting and simplicity of the architecture and the insignificance of our lives pushed to the very corners of the frame. Look closer...

What inspires you creatively?

Everything. from a leaf on the ground to a textured pillow. I want to know how things are made, how things come together. I love music, reading and watching movies. I love feeling melancholy, sad, happy and joyful. I create based on how I feel and at times I feel myself stopping this creativity as perhaps I don’t want to feel.

How would you describe your style when it comes to your products?

Clean, expensive, polished, precise, wonderous and beautiful. You can get lost in my art. So much to see, so much is hidden.

Most memorable place you've travelled?

The Faroe Islands between Iceland and Norway it’s a group of volcanic made islands and it’s the most beautiful and overwhelmingly picturesque place I have ever been to. I will go back when we can travel again.

On a typical weekend, we'll find you?

At the gym, at home pottering around, at one of my sister's places or just going for a drive somewhere with my husband.

What's your best piece of advice when buying items for your home?

If it gives you joy, by it the price should not be a concern if it fills your heart.

A favourite quote?

I believe that photography is the absolute chameleon of all time. It is not dependent on the moment we press the shutter nor does it depend on knowing when we should press the shutter. It has no rigidity, it’s absolute in its fluidity and it infests itself in the technology of the modern times it exists in ~ Lisa Saad

At Feliz, we love this because..

Lisa’s digital photography is soulful, imaginative and whimsical. Conversations begin as our guests interpret Lisa’s series and become familiar with landmarks that have been captured and distorted into another realm. The Anonymous Man collection is masculine and bold with rich tones, architectural buildings and structural objects.

It’s great for any home...

The Anonymous Man series is available in three different sizes. We love pairing Lisa’s series together. We currently have a set of two medium frames above our Elizabeth buffet, and a set of three running down the hallway. Lisa has consciously framed the series in black to enhance the colours and mood.

Styling tips…

When styling we encourage you to hang your art at eye height. We recommend pairing this collection with warm timbers like American Oak or Walnut. We would love to see the Elizabeth Console in walnut featuring one or two of the Anonymous man series.

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